5 Tips on How to Write a Book Template

5 Tips on How to Write a Book Template  Self Publishing

Simple Tips on How to Write a Book Template are the following:

1. Open an empty notebook or a blank document on your computer and write out the theme of the book by asking yourself, “What is this book about?” or, essentially, “Why are you writing this book?” Only answer this in two to five sentences without complicating the response. This will enable you to define the synopsis of the book and what your objectives are in writing it.

2. Write out the basic ideas of your book. Include key points of action, such as location, list of characters, descriptions of characters and the plot of the book. The plot can be two or three sentences, including when you think certain points of action or main events will occur throughout the story.

3. Write out a rough list of the chapters, including the names of the chapter titles. Once you have crafted the list, write 10 points under each chapter header describing what action will occur in each chapter. The number of points can vary among chapters, but it is important to define what points will be covered in each chapter so that you can see how they will lead to the end of your story.

4. Once the chapters are sketched out, break them down even further by writing subchapters. For example, for Chapter One, under each of your 10 points, write subchapters with points A, B, C, etc. In these subchapters, include specific points about your characters, such as their personalities, motivations and events that will occur.

5. Read over your template, adjusting points if necessary, and start writing your book 10 pages at a time. Refer to your template throughout the writing process, and modify it as needed.

Tips & Warnings

* Don’t rush writing your template. It is meant to serve as a guide throughout writing the book, so it may take time to get your ideas and thoughts on paper.

* When actually writing the book, refer to the template to keep you going in the right direction, as well as to help you meet your goals.

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3 comments on “5 Tips on How to Write a Book Template
  1. taizers says:

    Take a break if you need to. Sometimes I would leave my story for days at a time, and just think about it in my quiet moments. It made the writing process fun, rather than a chore. Obviously this tactic needs to be used sparingly if you have a deadline.

  2. […] 5 Tips on How to Write a Book Template (selfpubbooks.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Wonderland Events says:

    That’s an amazing post. So well written.

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