Top 10 Tips to get You Writing


From big names including Malorie Blackman, Stephen Chbosky, Annabel Pitcher and Nicholas Sparks, there’s also tips from debut authors, writing duos and the people who’ve taken the DIY approach and actually published themselves.

So have a look through and see if there’s anything to help you get started..

Top 10 Tips to get You Writing 1

1. The Fault In Our Stars author John Green on finding your heroes in unexpected places…

“I’ve always believed growing up that the story of the hero is the journey of weakness to strength.”

2. Butter author Erin Lange on taking on taboo…

“When writing about a tricky topic, I say, “Imagine first. Research later.” There is a lot of pressure, when covering tough issues, to be accurate, and the temptation is to focus more on the facts than the fiction. But try to remember the number one goal is always to tell a good story and stopping every few pages to check your facts can interrupt the creative flow.”

3. The Notebook and Safe Haven author Nicholas Sparks on finding your voice…

Top 10 Tips to get You Writing

“For me, I always start with overall plot and then go to character and voice. So once you have a story, it isn’t going to work unless you have the right character, and that character isn’t going to work unless you have the right voice. So the plot is just out there, once you have it you set it aside and you’re really working on character and voice.

My biggest advice is that you need to write. Read and write a lot. You have to try again and you also have to realise that writing is mainly about editing, it’s all about going back and making sure that things are exactly right.”

4. The Hanged Man Rises author Sarah Naughton on laughing in the face of failure…

“Never forget that Failure is your friend. People who are afraid to fail never do anything”

5. Noughts and Crosses author Malorie Blackman on why you don’t always need a happy ever after…

“Exploring different settings is something I love doing, but first and foremost I like making sure that my characters are characters that people can empathise with and even if they can’t empathise, maybe they can sympathise with why they’re doing what they’re doing. For me empathy is about being able to put yourself in someone else’s place and understanding why they’re doing that, and I think that to sympathise with someone is to understand why they’re doing something even though you don’t necessarily agree with what they’re doing.”

6. Warm Bodies author Isaac Marion on self-publishing his first book…

“Figure out what your motivation is, why you want to write, squeeze it really hard, and just finish a damn book. People spend way too much time thinking and and talking about “being a writer” and not enough actually writing.”

7. Brides of Rollrock Place author Margo Lanagan on going with your gut….

“My main bit of adviceis to relax. Remove as much anxiety from the writing process as possible. Don’t be thinking about the story’s reception, or whether you’re any good as a writer, or whether you’re up to the task you’ve set yourself. Immerse yourself in the story so deeply that all these fears are forgotten.

It also helps to read widely in the genre you’re writing in (or at least read genre reviews) so that you know its cliches. Then avoid them – unless you’re making a special point of turning them on their heads.”

8. Ketchup Clouds author Annabel Pitcher on writing a killer ending…

“Nobody wants to read a something that’s really depressing throughout and nobody wants to read something that’s completely frivolous. You’ve got to have that mix. So when I’m writing, I just try to put in lots of different tones, different moods”

9. Blacks Arts authors Prentice and Weil on writing as a partnership…

“The flip side to that is that there’s nothing better than working with a good friend. Writing can be a very lonely business; but when you are a duo, there’s always someone there to tell you the chapter’s not terrible, to smash through your blockage with a whompingly cunning idea, or to simply make you a nice cup of tea.”

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower author Stephen Chbosky on finding your own voice…

“So my writing is advice is exactly just my advice for people. I believe that everybody has a unique voice and the more that people follow that voice, the passions behind it, the obsessions behind it, the more nurture and challenge and grow that voice, the better.”



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