10 Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Facebook Author Page

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1) Keep your content fresh. The key to an effective Facebook author or book page is ongoing activity. So be sure to post something new on a regular basis. I recommend at least once a day if not more. Once or twice a week won’t cut it. To make it sizzle, you need to have ongoing activity there. So post often.


2) Know your peak hours. Studies have shown that Facebook users are most active at 11 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM – with morning updates being the most effective. Of course, you must figure time zones and where your readers are into this equation. I’ve found I get a lot of responses during the evening hours in my time zone, when people who work are home after dinner and before bedtime.


3) Encourage fans to tag themselves in photos. Take lots of pictures at your book signings and speaking events and post them to your page. Encourage fans to post their own photos as well. And ask them to identify (“tag”) themselves in the photos, which will cause the images to appear on their personal profiles too – thereby spreading the word to more people.


4) Respond to comments, or at least “like” them. When people take the time to leave a meaningful comment on your fan page, you will create a lot of good will by commenting back. At the very least, click the “Like” link related to the comment, which will appear in that person’s list of notifications. Find some way to acknowledge that you saw and appreciate the comment!


5) Share and serve, don’t always sell. Nothing turns off a reader more than a constant barrage of sales messages. Use your author page status updates to communicate with your fans – not just promote to them. Share interesting stories and links, new books and blog posts by you and other writers, and other cool things you have discovered that your readers would most likely enjoy.


6) Show your personality. Share your sense of humor and quick wit (assuming you possess those qualities 🙂 Make your updates lively and engaging – not just dry announcements. Post photos of things you come across that make you laugh. (Like the church sign I saw in the middle of a summer heat wave. It read “The devil called, and he wants his heat back.”)


7) Give stuff away. New sample chapters, short ebooks, video clips, wallpaper, screen savers, you name it. Don’t cling so tightly to everything you create. Loosen up and give a lot of it away. Generosity will go a long way toward making a connection with your readers and fans.


8) Ask for feedback and pose questions. One of the best ways to encourage interaction is to ask for it. On a regular basis, ask questions on your fan page: What topic would you like me to cover in my next workshop? What’s your favorite new author or book? How would you celebrate (character from your novel) birthday? Which of these three titles do you like best? Ask, ask, ask!


9) Thank your fans. The people who support your writing endeavors allow you to do what you do. They are your true dream team. Acknowledge the important role they play in your life. Thank them – and thank them often!


10) Make sales offers too. Of course, while you’re delivering value, giving stuff away, engaging your fans, and interacting with them … don’t forget to make them aware that you do indeed have books for sale. Don’t go overboard with sales pitches, but don’t shy away from them entirely either. Strike a balance. Give your fans an opportunity to help and support you!


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