The Basics of Book Publishing

Here at FriesenPress, we are realistic with authors on what it takes to be able to achieve the kind of success that many of them desire. We have seen varying levels of success with the authors who come through our programs. All receive the same attention with our design, publishing and marketing support. But the degree of achievement comes down to what the author is willing to do after they have come to terms with the reality of today’s world of publishing.

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Here are five key points for every author to consider:

  1. Be willing to do the research and know the truth of what it takes to be successful. An author I worked with is now negotiating a traditional publishing contract. When we started working together, she did not like me because I was making her face some realities about publishing. But she was willing to do the work, and she was rewarded. She faced the truth of what needed to happen, followed my instructions and has begun to carve out a very successful path for herself.
  2. Poorly edited books do not get the same traction as well edited, well written books. In the writing stage of the book, you must be willing to face the criticism and the opinions of others. Some of them will be valid, some of them will not. So many self-published authors refuse to get their book edited by a professional third party and as a result, people do not recommend it to their friends. Get your book professionally edited and you increase the likelihood of meeting your expectations. Allow yourself to benefit from the wisdom of experts who are guiding you.
  3. What matters is not what you are told, but how you respond to it. When you discover most of the marketing lies on your shoulders, you can respond either by reacting and getting mad at the person who told you this news, or you can determine exactly how much you are willing to do to make your dream a reality. Allowing the disappointment to stick is what will make the journey harder. Now that you know the reality, you know what you need to tell yourself to make it happen: a change of mind, followed by new actions. We are the ones who are responsible for creating the new reality that we wish to be part of.
  4. How much are you willing to change yourself? Will you let excuses pull you away from your goal? If you want to be on Ellen but you use the excuse that you can’t work with the technology of today, or you refuse to do social media, then you cannot possibly expect to achieve the kind of results you desire. Your expectations must mirror what you are willing to do to make it happen, and what parts of yourself you are willing to change. The person that you are now is not the same person you will be once you have achieved your goals. Even if you don’t get on Ellen, but you put in the same effort and do the best you can, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Welcome your reality as it is, be grateful for your awareness, and continue to take action towards your dream. I maintain (as it is supported by many of the world’s experts) that an attitude of gratitude is what will keep your engines fully fired up; that is, gratitude for every experience — the good and the challenging. They all pave the way for your success should you decide to stay persistent. As soon as you allow disappointment, or the negative mindsets of others to pull you off course, you are finished. At the same time, the authors who have reasonable expectations tend to be the happiest and are able to truck on with the work.

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