Carl Reiner I Remember Me

A review of Carl Reiner book I Remember Me, released January 17, 2013

Carl Reiner has always been good in support. He was fantastic jumping along with Sid Caesar and Howard Morris as “The Three Haircuts” on Your Show of Shows. He was the quintessential straight man to Mel Brooks’s 2000 Year Old Man. He created and produced a hit sitcom based on his own experiences, and then made Dick Van Dyke the star. He directed Steve Martin to his first box-office success in The Jerk. He’s been responsible for some of the most profoundly silly moments in comedy history. And he is no less generous in his retelling of these moments in his memoirs My Anecdotal Life and his latest, I Remember Me.

Remember is an extension of Life, both warm and adoring appreciations for Reiner’s funny friends and a celebration of some of the less well-known personal and professional stories. He recalls a party where Mel Brooks nonchalantly dragged a chair into an open fireplace and sat with his head up a chimney when all other seats were taken. He reveals how he and Martin shoe-horned the “shit from Shinola” joke into The Jerk, having thought of it on their shared daily commute to the set. And there is a deep appreciation for the work of other comics and performers.
At one point, Reiner admits that Mel Brooks has accused him of over-praising performances. Reiner often writes that he or a whole audience was doubled over or almost died laughing. It always seems like an exaggeration, hokey and trite, but



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2 comments on “Carl Reiner I Remember Me
  1. keithogorek says:

    Thanks for reposting from my blog. Carl Reiner is also running a writing contest where the winner gets published. That is also on my blog.

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